The British Commission for Maritime History

About BCMH

The BCMH is the British branch of the International Commission for Maritime History, which was founded in 1965 as a constituent of the International Congress of Historical Sciences, a body affiliated to UNESCO.


  • to enhance maritime history
  • to encourage contact between all those who share an interest in maritime history, whether professional or personal
  • to encourage young and new students to embrace maritime history
  • to provide an information network to assist maritime historians
  • to improve the quality of writing and debate in maritime history.


  • organising an open seminar series at King's College London each academic year
  • sponsoring an annual New Researchers Conference open to all engaged in maritime research
  • supporting conferences and workshops in conjunction with other national commissions and maritime institutions
  • ensuring that everyone attending these meetings will find a friendly and supportive atmosphere
  • offering a national maritime history prize for undergraduates who have achieved a first–class mark for their dissertations
  • offering limited bursaries for a few scholars to attend conferences.

BCMH is a charitable trust.