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Lincoln Trading in WarMargarette Lincoln, Trading in War: London’s Maritime World in the Age of Cook and Nelson (Yale University Press, 2018).

Dr Lincoln writes: ‘I take a broad view of maritime history and it’s a privilege to be able to work through the BCMH to help promote it. My latest book is Trading in War, which examines the lives of ordinary people and looks at the impact of the American Revolutionary War and the French Wars on London’s maritime districts, north and south of the River Thames. I’ve used little-known archival and archaeological sources to help uncover people lost to history. The account is filled with episodes of violence, smuggling, pilfering from ships on the river and destabilizing radicalism, but it also celebrates men and women in maritime trades, shipwrights and the early trade union movement, wives who managed the home while husbands were at sea, and those who built London’s first docks. It’s a broad canvas!’

For more information, see the Yale University Press website.