New Researchers Conference

Research degree students and independent scholars are warmly encouraged to share their work at our annual New Researchers Conference.

Student and Research Prizes

Are you a student working on maritime history? Apply for our Undergraduate and Postgraduate prizes.

2018 Undergraduate Prize Winners


John Abernethy (University of St. Andrews), ‘The Specter at the Feast’: The Royalists at Sea in the First Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-54

Adrian Full (University of Plymouth), Eighteenth-Century Sailors and Remittances

Jean-Marc Hill (University of Reading), ‘A Pirate’s Life for Us’: A Cultural and Social Assessment of the Caribbean Pirates of the Golden Age

Tobias Jones (University of Exeter), ‘Rum, Bum, and the Lash’: Homosexual Behaviour Amongst Men in the British Royal Navy during the Second World War, 1939-45

James Andrew McGregor (University of Exeter), The Geniza Merchants: Local, Regional and Extra-Regional Mediterranean Commercial Exchange (1080-1160 AD / 472-544 AH)

Josephine O'Dowd (University of Warwick), Nutmeg: ‘The Headiest and Most Blood Soaked of the Spices’. What Were the Implications of the Nutmeg Trade between 1599 and 1621?