Kings Seminars

The King’s seminars are an annual set of lectures organised by the BCMH, which run from October to May. They are open to the public and are held at King’s College London.

The series is organised by Dr Alan James and Dr Richard Gorski, and are supported by the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, the Society for Nautical Research, and the Maritime Information Association. For more information, contact Dr James or Dr Gorski.

King’s seminars 2016 – 2017

The seminars take place on Thursdays at 5.15pm in K6.07, Department of War Studies, King’s College, on the sixth floor of the King’s Building.

6 October 2016, Rescuing Gallipoli: Sir Julian Corbett’s official history and the future of maritime strategy
Andrew Lambert, King’s College London

20 October 2016, Declining Effectiveness: the RNAS and the Defence of Halifax, Nova Scotia, from German Submarines in the First World War
Ian F. S. Stafford, Constitutional Lawyer, MA Imperial History

3 November 2016 Gunfire from a Distant Shore: Franco’s Navy in Spain’s Civil War Extends Operations against Republican Shipping into the North Sea
Nick Coni, former Consultant Physician, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

26 January 2017, Come into Port Gently: Comparative North Atlantic Paradigms in Port History   Lewis R. Fischer, Memorial University, Newfoundland

9 February 2017, The Historiography of Force Z: Understanding the Royal Navy’s Greatest Defeat of the Second World War
Andy Boyd, University of Buckingham

23 February 2017, The Manila Galleon, 1565-1815
Ian Wilkinson, Independent Researcher

9 March 2017, The Manganese Trade from Cornwall and Industrial Activity in Liverpool in the Early Nineteenth Century
Peter Skidmore, Independent Researcher

27 April 2017, Shipbuilding: Information and Process
Toy Metcalfe, World Ship Society Library and Archive, Chatham Dockyard

11 May 2017, A Most Disagreeable Problem: The Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine Aircraft Carriers Lloyd’s Registers
Marcus Faulkner, King’s College London

25 May 2017, The Cutting Out of the French Corvette La Chevrette during the Napoleonic Wars
Sim Comfort, Independent Researcher


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