Kings Seminars

The King’s seminars are an annual set of lectures organised by the BCMH, which run from October to May. They are open to the public and are held at King’s College London.

The series is organised by Dr Alan James and Dr Richard Gorski, and are supported by the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, the Society for Nautical Research, and the Maritime Information Association. For more information, contact Dr James or Dr Gorski.

King’s seminars 2017 – 2018

The seminars take place on Thursdays at 5.15pm in K6.07, Department of War Studies, King’s College, on the sixth floor of the King’s Building, Strand, WC2R 2LS.

12 October 2017 Project Undaunted – exciting research opportunities, interesting discoveries
Barbara Jones, Lloyd’s Register

26 October 2017 Challenging the Atlantic: Brunel’s first steam ship, Great Western
Helen Doe, University of Exeter

9 November 2017, Sea of Contradictions: Black seafarers in the Royal Navy
S.I. Martin, Writer and Researche

23 November 2017 Sailing around Belligerents’ Restrictions: American Shipping to Bordeaux
during the French Wars (1793-1815)
Silvia Marzagalli, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Proctor Lecture, hosted by Lloyds Register, 71 Fenchurch St

7 December 2017 ‘Our Peace was not the Action of Children’: Restoration England and Ottoman Algiers, 1660-1688
Steve Garnett, University of Canterbury

18 January 2018 Baltic Brigs and Guernsey Sloops: Southampton’s Shipping Patterns in the 1770s
Maria Newbery, University of Southampton

1 February 2018 Decolonisation from the Seas: Mutiny in the Royal Indian Navy
Naina Manjrekar, SOAS

15 February 2018 The Royal Navy’s First War Staff Course
Simon Harley, Independent Researcher

1 March 2018 The Curious Case of the ‘Steam Yacht’ Caroline: An Incident from the Russo- Japanese War in British Waters
Roger Dence, King’s College London

15 March 2018 The Black Sea war of 1914-17 through British eyes
Toby Ewin, King’s College London

26 April 2018 Life before Death: the 1963 decision to build the aircraft carrier CVA01
Tim Benbow, King’s College London

10 May 2018 Pageantry and Representation in the late-Henrician Navy: The Battle of the Solent
and Admiral Claude d’Annebault’s Visit to London
Benjamin Redding, University of Warwick

24 May 2018 ‘An Incomparable Influence Upon Every Shore’: Conceptions of Naval Power
and World Order on the Eve of the Great War
Louis M. Halewood, University of Oxford

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