Kings Seminars

The King’s seminars are an annual set of lectures organised by the BCMH, which run from October to May. They are open to the public and are held at King’s College London.

The series is organised by Dr Alan James and Dr Richard Gorski, and are supported by the Society for Nautical Research and the ‘Laughton Naval History Unit’ and ‘Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War’ at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. For more information, contact Dr James or Dr Gorski.

King’s seminars 2018-19

All seminars take place on Thursday, 17:15-18:30, in Room K6.07, Department of War Studies, on the 6th floor of the King’s Building, Kings College London, Strand, WC2R 2LS, except for the Proctor Memorial Lecture.

18 October 2018 Doing the Work of the Imperial Government”: The Royal Navy and the Suppression of Chinese Piracy in the Nineteenth Century
Nathan Kwan, King’s College London

1 November 2018 Facing the “Vortex of Militarism”: Gladstone, the Liberals and the Politics of Naval Expansion, 1888-94
Peter Keeling, University of Kent

15 November 2018 “A Drop in the Ocean?”: Insurance, Maritime Law and the French State, 1668-c.1700
Lewis Wade, University of Exeter

29 November 2018 The Abolition of the Admiralty and the Handover of Strategic Maritime Doctrine to the USA, 1945-1964
James W.E. Smith, King’s College London

13 December 2018 Proctor Memorial Lecture, : Top Predators: Privateering, Trawling and Marine Environments
David J. Starkey, University of Hull
For more information see our Proctor Memorial Lecture page.

10 January 2019 From Afghanistan to the Arctic: British Maritime Strategy in the Twenty-First Century
James Bosbotinis, J.B. Associates

24 January 2019 Managing Risk in England’s Earliest Transatlantic Enterprises: the Newfoundland Fisheries, 1550-1630
Josh Ivinson, University of Cambridge

7 February 2019 From Whence Came the Royal Navy Fleet of 1939?
Alexander Clarke, Kingston University

21 February 2019 “Cast your bread upon the waters…”: The Rev. John Cynddylan Jones and the Ships of Evan Thomas, Radcliffe & Co., Cardiff
David Jenkins, National Museum of Wales

7 March 2019 Empire of the Rising Sun and Empire of the Owl: A Comparative Approach to Sea Power as Cultural Identity in Imperial Japan (1868-1941) and 5th Century BCE Athens
Kunika Kakuta, King’s College London

25 April 2019 Protecting the Mediterranean: Ottoman Responses to Maritime Violence in the Eighteenth Century
Michael Talbot, University of Greenwich

9 May 2019 The Air Debate: Naval Ideas of Air Power in the Inter-War Period
Neil Datson, Independent Scholar

23 May 2019 “False Shipwreck’d Sailors”: Shipwreck Imposters and Charity in Nineteenth-Century England
Cathryn Pearce, University of Portsmouth

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