New Researchers Conference

Research degree students and independent scholars are warmly encouraged to share their work at our annual New Researchers Conference.

Student and Research Prizes

Are you a student working on maritime history? Apply for our Undergraduate and Postgraduate prizes.

Other Prizes, Fellowships & Scholarships

Awards and Prizes


The Mountbatten Maritime Award

The Maritime Foundation
Founded: 2000
Value: An engraved silver Armada plate
Eligibility: ‘a work of literature…that contributes most significantly to public awareness of maritime matters’
Submission date: 31st July


The Anderson Prize

The Society for Nautical Research
Value: medal; lecture to be published in Mariner’s Mirror
Submission: Nominations from the Society’s membership from November to the Society’s Research, Technical and Programme Committee


Julian Corbett Prize for Modern Naval History

Institute of Historical Research, London University
Founded: 1924
Eligibility: Anyone, for work not previously published and based on original materials, on a subject concerned with the naval history of any country after 1500. It is recommended that the length should not exceed 15,000 words.
Value of Award: £1,000 annually
Submission date: 1st October
To whom submitted: The Fellowship Officer, IHR


The Caird Medal

The National Maritime Museum
Founded: 1984
Medal, £750 and lecture
Decided by the Museum’s Academic Awards Committee


Duke of Westminster's Medal

Royal United Services Institute
Value: Medal, £1,000 and lecture
Eligibility: living author who makes a notable and original contribution to the study of international defence and security
Submission: Decided internally after nominations



Fellowships & Scholarships

Caird Short Term Fellowships

The National Maritime Museum
Value of Award: £1,600 per month for up to three months living at a distance from London
Submission date: 1st November
To whom submitted: The Research Administrator, NMM


Caird North American Fellowship

National Maritime Museum, in partnership with the John Carter Brown Library, Providence, Rhode Island
Eligibility: For scholars not resident in the USA to study resources on the North East coast of the USA. The Fellow has to spend some time at the John Carter Brown Library
Value: £1,600 monthly for three months, with £500 for travel
Submission date: 1st November
To whom submitted: The Research Administrator, NMM


Caird Senior Fellowships

National Maritime Museum
Value: £20,000 annually
Purpose: One year post-doctoral fellowship, aimed at early career scholars, to support research on the Museum’s collections or in any field of British naval and maritime history
Submission date: 1st November
To whom submitted: The Research Administrator, NMM


Alan Pearsall Post-doctoral Fellowship

Institute of Historical Research, University of London
Value of Award: £22,000 annually
Eligibility: Doctoral students whose thesis is submitted by 1st October of the academic year during which the Fellowship is held.
Submission date: 15th April
To whom submitted: The Fellowship Office, IHR


Caird-Sackler Fellowships

National Maritime Museum
Eligibility: intended for mid-career academics, already in post at an academic institution, to devote themselves to a sustained period of research
Value: £25,000 for up to two years
Submission date: 1st November
To whom submitted: The Research Administrator, NMM


Thomas Chapman Scholarships

Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre in partnership with the University of Hull
Value: Currently under review for future rounds
Purpose: The overarching aim of the Doctoral Training Programme is to enhance knowledge, understanding and public awareness of the risks to life and property that are inherent to work at sea, and to mitigate those risks through behavioural and policy change. 
Eligibility: Currently under review for future rounds
Submission: Decided internally after nominations 
Website: HEC Thomas Chapman Scholarship