Student and Research Prizes

Are you a student working on maritime history? Apply for our Undergraduate and Postgraduate prizes.

New Researchers Conference

Research degree students and independent scholars are warmly encouraged to share their work at our annual New Researchers Conference.

About the British Commission for Maritime History

The BCMH was established as the British branch of the International Commission for Maritime History (ICMH), which was founded in 1965 as a constituent of the International Congress of Historical Sciences, a body affiliated to UNESCO. In 2016 the International Maritime Economic History Association (IMEHA) and ICMH amalgamated to establish the International Maritime History Association (IMHA).

The BCMH continues to represent and network with international maritime history associations, though currently has no formal affiliation.  


  • to enhance maritime history
  • to encourage contact between all those who share an interest in maritime history, whether professional or personal
  • to encourage young and new students to embrace maritime history
  • to provide an information network to assist maritime historians
  • to improve the quality of writing and debate in maritime history.


  • organising an open seminar series at King’s College London each academic year
  • sponsoring an annual New Researchers Conference open to all engaged in maritime research
  • ensuring that everyone attending these meetings will find a friendly and supportive atmosphere
  • offering a national maritime history prize for undergraduates who have achieved a first–class mark for their dissertations, as well as prizes for MA students and PhD students who have produced outstanding research
  • supporting conferences and workshops in conjunction with other national commissions and maritime institutions
  • offering limited bursaries for a scholars to attend conferences.



The British Commission for Maritime History is one of several national bodies across the world that were formed in affiliation with the International Commission of Maritime History (ICMH).

The ICMH was founded at Lisbon on 14 September 1960 during the Fifth International Colloquium of Maritime History. This international organisation is affiliated with the International Committee of Historical Sciences, or ICHS.

The objectives of the ICMH are to encourage and co-ordinate research by maritime historians in a spirit of international understanding. National Commissions were set up in several countries, and the British Commission (BCMH) was one of the first.


Charitable Trust

BCMH is a charitable trust. Its Trustees are drawn from UK museums, universities and other maritime-related organisations. It enjoys the generous sponsorship of various bodies, notably the Society for Nautical Research, the former Maritime Information Association and Lloyd’s Register Foundation.