Call for Papers - 9th IMHA Congress of Maritime History

Posted: Tuesday 13th June 2023

Call for Papers - 9th IMHA Congress of Maritime History

Event date: 19-24 August 2024

Location: Busan, Korea

The Programme Committee appointed by the International Maritime History Association (IMHA) invites proposals for panels, papers and roundtables to be presented at IMHA’s 9th International Congress of Maritime History in Busan, Korea.

The congress will be hosted by the IMA (Institute of International Maritime Affairs), affiliated with the Korea Maritime & Ocean University, and the Korean Association of Maritime History, on August 19 – 24, 2024, in cooperation with KASPS (Korean Association of Shipping and Ports Studies) and WCMCI (World Committee of Maritime Culture Institutes), the academic consortium of research institutes for maritime culture in East Asia.

The main theme is Oceans: Local Mobility, Global Connectivity, and the aim is to address multiple aspects of the relationship between humans and the oceans. Oceans were regarded by humans as barriers in ancient times, although, in modern times, they became routes for exploring, travelling and connecting peoples and worlds separated by spatial and cultural distance. 

As with previous IMHA congresses, the meeting in Busan adopts a broad conception of maritime history, treating it as an interdisciplinary field that covers all historical periods, all regions of the world and all aspects of human interactions with the seas. 

Papers will therefore be welcomed on a wide range of research areas, chronological periods and regions of the world. IMHA welcome submissions by young, mid-career and senior scholars alike, whether working on individual projects or in larger research groups. The Programme Committee also welcomes proposals for full panels and roundtables. They are particularly keen on proposals addressing new, high-risk collective research that integrates different areas of expertise and colleagues from different academic cultures. 

The Congress wishes to create opportunities for researchers to share their work with colleagues in their own areas of interest and with researchers in adjoining fields, seeking to identify and define new avenues for individual and collective research in maritime history.

Find out more and read the full CfP here: Call for papers, 9th IMHA Congress of Maritime History

Deadline for proposals: 3 December 2023

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