Oceans Past X Conference

Posted: Wednesday 2nd August 2023

Oceans Past X Conference

Historical Perspectives on Marine Ecosystems, Human Use, and Futures

Date: 25-28 June 2024

Oceans Past X

Location: University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus, Penryn, UK

Conference themes

  1. How the sea has changed us / how we have changed the sea: from moments to histories of human maritime experience in literature, story, song, and art.
  2.  Physical and biological drivers in marine ecosystems and populations - From historical 'baselines' to long-term dynamics
  3.  Scales of sustainable and unsustainable marine harvesting throughout time
  4.  Multidisciplinary perspectives on social and ecological consequences of change
  5.  Trajectories and repercussions of management interventions on marine socialā€ecological systems through time
  6. Lessons from the past for management of coastal zones and the high seas

Abstract submission will open in September 2023.

Find out more: OPIX Conference (oceanspast.org)

Questions? Email info@oceanspast.org