Who We Are



Chairman: Dr David J Starkey (University of Hull)
Vice Chairman: Professor Andrew Lambert (King’s College London)
Secretary: Dr David Jenkins (National Waterfront Museum, Swansea)
Treasurer: Dr Helen Doe (University of Exeter)


(Fellows are longstanding Trustees who are elected by their fellow Trustees in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the BCMH)

  • Professor John Armstrong
  • Professor Wendy Childs
  • Miss Patricia Crimmin
  • Professor Peter Davies
  • Dr David Williams


(Trustees are elected as individuals and not as representatives of other bodies)

  • Dr Richard Blakemore, University of Oxford
  • Professor Huw Bowen, Swansea University
  • Dr Michael Duffy, University of Exeter
  • Professor Maria Fusaro, University of Exeter
  • Dr Richard Gorski, University of Hull
  • Professor Eric Grove, University of Salford
  • Dr Sheryllyne Haggerty, University of Nottingham
  • Professor Richard Harding, University of Westminster
  • Dr Alan James, King’s College London
  • Mrs Barbara Jones, Lloyd’s Register
  • Dr Alston Kennerley, University of Plymouth
  • Dr Margarette Lincoln, National Maritime Museum
  • Dr Graeme Milne, University of Liverpool
  • Professor Steven Murdoch, University of St Andrews
  • Professor Sarah Palmer, Greenwich Maritime Institute
  • Dr Chris Reid, University of Portsmouth
  • Dr Nigel Rigby, National Maritime Museum
  • Dr Robb Robinson, University of Hull
  • Mr Peter Sowden, Boydell and Brewer
  • Ms Rhian Tritton, SS Great Britain