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Masters Prizes

2020/21 Winner announced!


The Masters Dissertation Prize is an annual prize of £100 awarded for an outstanding dissertation on maritime history. Subjects eligible for consideration reflect the Commission’s view of maritime history as a wide-ranging discipline. The dissertation must have been assessed as part of a Masters degree and awarded during the previous academic year (the degree must have been awarded during 2019-20). Dissertations awarded distinction marks of 70+ are eligible for consideration. Institutions may only submit one dissertation to the competition.  

Nominations must be made by Heads of Department or equivalent, and the closing date for entries is the first Friday of the following January (the last deadline was 11 January 2021).

To make a nomination please complete the Masters Prize Form and upload supporting documents here.


MA Dissertation Prize winner, 2020/21

Peter Garland,  The Ionosphere: Undermining Britain’s Imperial Power: Wireless and its Impact on Geopolitics and Naval Operations  (1919-1945), University of Portsmouth

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a significant impact on post-graduate research this year. From the evidence of this year’s submissions, what has not suffered is the willingness of students to undertake subjects that are challenging and important. The decision was difficult, but Peter Garland’s dissertation was agreed as the winner of this year’s prize.

Mr Garland’s winning dissertation brought together the technological, operational and political factors that contributed to the Royal Navy failing to establish a lead in wireless communications. He was able to balance the factors and present a trajectory that should simulate further research.


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