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Previous Masters Prize Winners


2022-23 - Emma Haddon (University of Portsmouth)

The Hulks of the Hamoaze: A Study of the Receiving Ships of Plymouth during the Napoleonic Wars.

The award of the prize this year was a difficult task, as the candidates represented both high quality of work and the rich diversity of subject that can  be tackled in maritime history.  Emma Haddon’s dissertation made a mature contribution to the contested subject of the manning of naval vessels during the Napoleonic War. The research was placed clearly in the context of the current debate The evidence was laid out and subjected to excellent analysis. The contribution the work makes to the debate and the additional lights it shed on the lives of those who came within the walls of the receiving gave it additional value.   


2021-22 - Corey Watson (University of Plymouth)

Tales from the ‘Desolating Coast’: An exploration of the Narratives of the Naval Surgeon Peter Leonard on the Anti-Slavery Squadron, 1821-1832 

Cory's dissertation uses the narratives of the naval surgeon, Peter Leonard, to uncover and understand attitudes towards sailors, empire, race, slavery and naval squadron life in the context of a West Africa. He uses  up-to-date scholarship to consider the role of African mariners in the life of the squadron, and the impact on Europeans of encounters on land. The study situates Leonard’s writing within  contemporary British attitudes to race, patriotism and abolitionism. 

2020-21 - Peter Garland  (University of Portsmouth)

The Ionosphere: Undermining Britain’s Imperial Power: Wireless and its Impact on Geopolitics and Naval Operations (1919-1945)

2019-20 - Eva Romee Drommel (University of Edinburgh)

Marine insurance in early-modern Scotland: A study of the emergence and development of legal practice and doctrine 

2018-19 - David Kneale (University of Portsmouth)

'”Beyond the limit of human endurance”: the stolen Manx history of Dunkirk’ 

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2011 - Peter Richards (Swansea University)

‘An Analysis of Voyaging in Ships of the East India Company from 1750-1833’

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