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CPMH Seminar 22 November 2022

Posted: Wednesday 26th October 2022

CPMH Seminar 22 November 2022

Life Aboard Royal Navy Destroyers, 1900 - 1945

CPMH invite you to their Hybrid Seminar on Tuesday 22 November 2022 at 17:00
VENUE: Room 1.16, LJMU, John Foster Building, 80-98 Mount Pleasant, L3 5UZ
ONLINE: Please register to receive your free ticket and online access link here.
Jayne Friend, PhD candidate, University of Portsmouth, will present on "Not a Round of 'Beer and Skittles’: Life Aboard Royal Navy Destroyers, 1900-1945"
Life aboard destroyers could be especially arduous and uncomfortable owing to the cramped conditions, the nature of operational duties and the danger of conflict. Yet, despite numerous hardships and privations, many men expressed a preference for life aboard destroyers. The purported resilience necessary to endure such acute hardships coloured reporting and honed an image of the destroyer sailor as an embodiment of the bravery, heroism and resilience that underlined the ‘best traditions of the British Navy.’ This presentation examines first-hand accounts, news reporting and narratives that explore the unique nature of life aboard destroyers and contends that the ship had a significant part to play in shaping sailors' experiences and identities.
Download event poster.